Refund policy

Wildcorals guarantees that you will always get the coral you ordered in the photo
(WYSIWYG). If it is the case that a coral does not have the quality that you expected from the photo, we will contact you for a suitable solution that you will certainly not be able to reverse. In addition, we provide a DOA (Dead on Arrival) guarantee. This means that we guarantee that you will receive the ordered coral in a healthy state. If that is not the case, we will come up with a suitable solution.

What should you do if it is not the right coral or if the coral is not in the right condition?

1. In the case of a complaint, please take significant photos of the animal that clearly show the damage. Photos of cloudy water are not significant. Cloudy water is often harmless. Avoid taking photos in blue light. Take the animal out of the water, if necessary, and photograph it in white light. We reserve the right to request further pictures of the animals or of the skeleton (even after a few days in the case of stricken animals). Please keep the skeletons (in the case of soft corals, the frag) until we have completed the complaint handling. Please send the photo of the dead or wrong coral and e-mail or WhatsApp the photo on the same day of receipt to or +351 91510 80 15 and mention the item number of the coral you ordered.

2. Never discard a coral without the permission of WildCorals; this will void the warranty.
3. Never send coral back without permission from WildCorals; this will void the warranty.
4. Without proof of the dead or wrong coral, we cannot provide any credit.
5. WildCorals will pick up within 10 working days for guaranteed approval.
6. If you have an approved warranty, we will contact you for a suitable solution, or you willreceive the credit on your account. Shipping costs are not reimbursed!

Important Points

The DOA guarantee applies, in particular, only if the following points have been followed:
Check the shipping address given in the order confirmation email. We assume no liability if the package can‘t be delivered due to the wrong address. If you want to change a delivery address before we send the order, please call us by all means (+351 91510 80 15). We can‘t guarantee timely changes by email.
Delayed Delivery If a package is delayed by the delivery service, nevertheless, the possibility of acceptance must be ensured. Also, wet or damaged packages must be accepted in any case. There is always a chance that the animals are still alive and will recover completely. A complaint is only possible if the delivery has been accepted.

Unsuccessful Delivery

If delivery is not successful, please contact UPS at the following number: +49 (0) 69 66 40 50 60. Keep the tracking number on hand and inform the nice staff on the phone about the problem. Point out that the package should be delivered again today or inquire about alternatives, e.g., collecting the package at a branch of the deliveryman. If you can’t solve the problem or need assistance, you can contact us, of course.

Absence During Delivery

We always provide your phone number, but nevertheless, there is no guarantee that the deliveryman will call. If you aren‘t available for delivery at short notice, please leave a note for the deliveryman about an alternative delivery option.

5-Day Guarantee: 100% Risk
If your new coral addition does not stay alive for 5 days, we will issue you a store credit or eplacement with the same coral.

Conditions to qualify for the 5-Day Guarantee:
1. Obviously! You must have a reef aquarium ready to maintain corals with the proper parameters.
2. We firmly encourage someone to be available at the time of delivery or will void the guarantee.
3. 5-Day Guarantee begins on the initial delivery date.
4. Providing an incorrect delivery address or unreachable zones like islands that cause the shipment to be delayed or not delivered will void the guarantee, and the customer will be responsible for all costs and damages. Please ask us first if you have doubts about your address and time of delivery before placing your order!
5. Please do not discard the specimen without WC authorization; doing so will void the guarantee.
6. Please do not ship the coral(s) back without WCconsent, as this will void the guarantee.
7. 5-Day Guarantee only applies to corals (LPS, SPS, and soft corals). 
8. We will try first to replace it with the same coral. If the coral is not available, then we will issue a store credit.
9. If UPS Express fails to deliver, we take full responsibility, and the "5-day guarantee” is applied for the lost corals, and you get a "10-day guarantee” update for the alive corals.
10. If you lose more than 50% of the corals during shipping or within the 5-day guarantee,
we add the shipping cost to the store credit. The shipping cost must be paid and is not free to be included.

No refunds on lives corals; only store credit!
*Live Corals credit cannot be used for shipping rates. We do not cover shipping charges.
*Discounted corals get either replacements or credit for the amount paid, not the item's original price. Chargebacks without contacting us via email are illegal.
We firmly encourage someone to be available at the time of delivery, or they will void the guarantee!


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